Did you know there are over 500 million bloggers in the world?!

As I start to crack this extensive world of bloggers in a meaningful manner, I remain nervous and excited to share my perspective about Life, Money, and Information Asymmetry  I hope these thoughts will inspire and encourage my readers to become the best versions of themselves so that they can become financially free.  I expect the content I provide will educate you, close the information gap and propel your career, life, and business decisions.  You have one chance, one cumulative life contract of earnings, and every decision has a compounding effect, positive, or negative over the next 30 years.

We live in a fast-paced, competitive, consumer world where smart people and professionals still fall prey to information asymmetry.  My main goal as you read on is to close this gap. You will become equipped with the proper information when making major life decisions/transactions, in order to prevent substantial damage to your long-term financial life goals.  As a five-year employee at one of the largest public banking institutions, my distaste for the way Wall Street conducts business has moved me off the silent sidelines.  Glossy brochures, clever marketing, complex products, hidden fees, hidden agendas, and serious conflicts of interest make it very difficult to navigate and fail to close this information symmetry gap.  I hope to inform my readers so that they are properly equipped with the knowledge they need to prevent financial life mishaps.

My name is Thanasi Panagiotakopoulos and I am 33 years wise.  I am a Husband, a Father, a Brother, a Son, a Friend, an Athlete, an Entrepreneur, an Investor, and a Trusted Fiduciary Advisor.  Born as a first-generation Greek American, to a Greek Immigrant in pursuit of the American Dream, I have personally witnessed the necessary discipline and sacrifice to “make it”.  Combining my upbringing and personal life experiences growing as a husband, father and business owner, I can share mistakes to avoid, as well as proven systems to achieve your life goals and objectives.  I hope to relate to all demographics, as I find myself similar to all ambitious working people.  A Division 1 Basketball Point Guard, who raced home from practice to meet online friends for a World of Warcraft Raid or Arena battle.  An entrepreneur, following his passion, risking his resources to change an industry and to create his own destiny.  An Investor, evaluating the cash flows of the fourplex down the street.  A friend, empathizing with personal growth issues or the search for more meaning.  Why is it that we wake up every day, and do the same routine? To accomplish what? A brother, constantly putting one another in check, benchmarking, competing, and sharing ideas.  A Father, trying to create productive members of society, teaching humility, while also enjoying the fruits of my own hard work.  A Husband, trying to be present to my wife, and listen while trying to create something.  If you have these discussions or thoughts at night, stay with me.

Subscribe with caution.  I believe real advisors tell people what they need to hear, as opposed to what they want to hear.  They also educate their clients so that there is no information asymmetry and so that they can make good decisions. This is not meant to shatter dreams, but solely to raise awareness and wake you up from your zombie consumer state and your need to keep up with the Joneses.  I understand the desire for social climbing, and we will eventually cover a disciplined approach to doing this over time.  If you expect any get rich quick schemes or magic recipes here, thank you for reading thus far, but move along.  At some point, you will feel bad about some of your past actions or habits.  My intent is not to pass judgment and make you look backward, but to adjust and press on.

In a life full of leisure and fun to be had, I empathize with you and understand how counterintuitive life sacrifices feel in the moment.  We must live life to the fullest because we could be dead tomorrow, but we could live until we are 90, right?  This life balance between enjoying our moments and responsibility are too difficult to perfect without objective guidance.  Drop me your email if you wish to live the best life today, while being responsible for you and your family’s future.

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