Dollar Cost Averaging & The only game in town.

Investing in stocks is very difficult.  Buying them at the right time and catching the bottom while emotions are running high is nearly impossible. Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been asked many times about when the right time to invest is.  The answer...

What will the stock market do in 2020?

Although Wall Street is full of analysts making predictions year after year on the S&P500 target, for MOST investors, it just doesn’t matter.  If we examine some of the major institutions who forecasted for 2019 below, we will find that even the most renowned...

Investing and Weight Loss Parallels

If you are like me, you’ve been on numerous diets.  South Beach, Keto, Atkins, the “do it all in moderation and workout diet”, etc.  Always searching for that “quick fix” to drop weight the easy way.  The reality is like everything in life, there is no...

Empirical Evidence of Stocks

What stops you from owning a 100% stock portfolio all your life? EMOTION and BEHAVIOR.  Yes, I understand that as you get closer to “retirement” that you could have volatility and your portfolio can go down, temporarily.  Drawdowns do matter.  Taking...

Young Professionals

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I’m a Young Professional that wants to know how I can take advantage of time to best start growing my wealth for the future.

Young Professionals. Help me set my family up for success with the right goals

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I’ve checked some basic boxes, but I am unsure if I could be doing more for my family.

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I want to protect the wealth I’ve worked for while maximizing my current lifestyle and legacy goals. 

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