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We offer more than just financial advice and retirement plans. We offer life management to empower you to reach your goals in your timeframe.

**Portfolios greater than $500,000 include Prime Services

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As fee-only financial advisors, we develop high trust and deliver high value because we are incentivized to grow your wealth (not ours)

Nothing is worse, or reflects more poorly on our profession, than economic conflicts of interest.

When others are paid to sell you financial products, they will act in their best interest (not yours).

So, when you’re looking for a trusted fiduciary (someone legally and ethically bound to act in your best interest), here are some things to consider…

Fee-Only financial advisors are NOT paid by a company for selling their products to the client.

Fee-Only financial advisors are paid by the client an annual percentage or monthly amount to manage the client’s portfolio.

The financial advisor is motivated, therefore, to grow the client’s portfolio as big as possible because they are paid for results.

As a result, the advisors are motivated to make the client happy because it’s a longer-term play for the broker since they are not being paid commissions for products they sell.

Fee-Only financial advisors may be the best long-play strategy because they seek to build relationships, add value, and grow your portfolio long-term, making it a win-win!


The broker recommends a certain product being offered by a certain company to their client.


In return, that company pays the broker a commission for selling that company’s product.


As a result, the broker has a greater incentive to recommend a product to the client that pays more to the broker, not one that is necessarily best for the client.

When a broker is paid commissions for the products they sell, they are motivated to grow their personal income through higher commissions, and not from growing their client’s portfolio.

Commissioned brokers tend to be less concerned about making their clients happy and earning their trust and referrals than they are with hustling to sell (it’s quantity over quality).

Young Professionals

Help me lay the proper foundation to achieve my long-term goals

I’m a Young Professional that wants to know how I can take advantage of time to best start growing my wealth for the future.

Young Professionals. Help me set my family up for success with the right goals

Growing Families

Help me insure I am on the right path to secure our financial future and lifestyle

I’ve checked some basic boxes, but I am unsure if I could be doing more for my family.

financial advice for growing families

Financially Independent

Help me understand what more I can do with my wealth and taxes

I want to protect the wealth I’ve worked for while maximizing my current lifestyle and legacy goals. 

pre retirement wealth management advice