Young Professionals

Overwhelmed with how to invest and save for the future? Where should you start?

Growing Families

Are you doing the right things to meet your financial goals? How can you be sure? 

Financially Independent

Make sure that the advice you are already receiving won’t derail your financial goals.

Young Professionals

“I’m overwhelmed with how to invest and save for the future. Where do I start?”

Growing Families

“Am I doing the right things to meet my financial goals? How can I be sure?”

Financially Independent

“I want to ensure the advice I’m already receiving won’t derail my financial goals.”


We are independent financial planning and life management coaches

You want to trust that your financial plans & future are managed well.

Fiduciary Advisors at Life Managed


Big word…simple concept. At the core of our business is doing what’s best for YOU, not us. If we give you bad, selfish advice, we are personally liable.

Fiduciary Advisors at Life Managed


Commissions suck the life out of your financial portfolio. Our transparent fee schedule makes it clear and easy to understand how we get paid. No hidden fees, ever.

Fiduciary Advisors at Life Managed


A highly desired, and not-easy-to-achieve designation that ensures we’re always improving ourselves and our knowledge so we can serve you better.

No matter what stage of life you’re in…

Financial Planning Arizona

A life managed well is not ruled by numbers & plans, but freed by them.

Financial Advisor Phoenix and Scottsdale

Slow & steady always wins the race… when you’re on the right path.

Financial Advisors Clarity

Poor decisions are too often made because of a lack of clarity

Good Financial Advice

The current model of rewarding good sales over good financial advice is outdated.

See The Difference

As independent financial advisors and fiduciaries, our responsibility is to you and only you. We never sell you anything or earn any commissions. 

“In the end, financial decisions aren’t about getting rich. They’re about getting what you want—getting happy.”
Carl Richards, The Behavior Gap

Life Managed Case Studies

These cases studies are hypothetical, and do not involve Life Managed clients, and should not be construed as a guarantee.

Budget Help for Young Families
Adulting 101: Learning to work, play, and PLAN hard.

Jennifer and Justin are unsure what the proper order of operations should be: pay off student loans, invest, or buy a house?

Learn More…
Financial Advice for Families
"Grinding it out" and building a nest egg!

Max and Lisa do not have a retirement age in mind. They don’t even know what they are having for dinner! Is it too late to start saving?

Learn More…
Pre-Retirement Financial Checkup
Pre-retirees seek financial peace of mind.

Jim and Laurie are suffering from information overload and over-zealous salesmen. Have they made the best financial choices?

Learn More…


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Young Professionals

Help me lay the proper foundation to achieve my long-term goals

I’m a Young Professional that wants to know how I can take advantage of time to best start growing my wealth for the future.

Young Professionals. Help me set my family up for success with the right goals

Growing Families

Help me insure I am on the right path to secure our financial future and lifestyle

I’ve checked some basic boxes, but I am unsure if I could be doing more for my family.

financial advice for growing families

Financially Independent

Help me understand what more I can do with my wealth and taxes

I want to protect the wealth I’ve worked for while maximizing my current lifestyle and legacy goals. 

pre retirement wealth management advice