“Grinding it out and building a nest egg!”

Max & Lisa 

AGES: 39 and 37

Primary Goal

Live life on their terms while maximizing the efficiency of their dollars.

Max and Lisa do not have a retirement age in mind.

They don’t even know what they are eating for dinner tonight.  How can they plan to quit working and spend their savings at some “retirement date” 30 years into the future just because that is what their parents did?

Max and Lisa want to maximize their life experiences and reward themselves for their hard work.  Who really wants to sacrifice their youth sitting at home eating chicken, watching their money compound, just to spend it wisely in their late 60’s and hopefully not run out of money one day?

Max is a respected commercial real estate broker and Lisa works in medical device sales.  They both enjoy their careers and they value their community and friendships.

The problem isn’t their earnings power or financial literacy, they’re doing everything they know:

  • Generating $250k+ income
  • Maxing out Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans
  • Growing nice equity in their primary residence
  • Protecting themselves and their assets with insurance

What could go wrong?

Deep down, Max and Lisa know they are not financial experts.  They know that they want to reduce complexity in their life and offload the unpleasantness of day-to-day finances and their comprehensive life and tax planning.

As they approach their 40’s, they realize the importance of having a trusted partner to help them make smart financial decisions and manage trade-offs in life.

Max and Lisa weren’t 100% confident they were on the best path, which is why they engaged a financial planner.  As busy professionals, why should they spend their precious time after work learning another craft?

After meeting with their financial planner, they came away with a better and clearer understanding of the financial planner’s role in their lives.

Together, they discovered Pathways to experience life on their terms:

  • The affirmation that their spending needed to be re-aligned but NOT “budgeted”
  • Confidence was established with the best way to purchase their vacation cabin
  • Reduced investment costs and improved asset allocation to align with long-term goals
  • Overlooked employer benefits were implemented to their strategic plan
  • Joint values discovery leaving Max and Lisa reinvigorated to achieve their goals together

Thoughtful and honest conversations revealed how the help of a professional financial planner, Max and Lisa’s values should be reflected in their long-term lifestyle goals.

They got organized through an easy-to-use personal finance app which helped Max and Lisa gain control and clarity over their entire picture. For the first time, they saw and understood their “Net Worth Statement.”

By saving time and outsourcing the details of their financial plan to a professional, Max and Lisa have more time to spend living their best life while feeling safe that their back is covered.

Young Professionals

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Growing Families

Help me insure I am on the right path to secure our financial future and lifestyle

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Financially Independent

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