“Pre-Retirees Financial peace of mind for the years ahead”

Jim & Laurie 

AGES: 63 and 59

Primary Goal

Minimize their tax bill, improve investments, build a sustainable income stream for retirement.  

Jim and Laurie are ready to retire and enjoy their golden years.  They have a lot planned for their future.   

They want the certainty that they can live the lifestyle they’ve dreamed of while sleeping well at night knowing they will never run out of money.  

They want to understand their tax consequences, optimize their investments and generate the right income for their retirement.

Jim and Laurie are suffering from information overload, and overly-zealous salesmen. They are wondering if they’ve truly landed on the best strategy to help them meet their goals.

Jim has committed the last 40 years of his life working, saving, and preparing for this next life stage.  With grown up children, he and Laurie are ready to travel, sail, and give back to their community.

He has a 401k, company stock, and a small pension and was hoping to maximize these assets to comfortably live their best life.

They’re not sure they’re getting the most objective advice to effectively manage these various investments.

Laurie wants to feel more involved and empowered in this process; after all, she would likely be responsible for managing the estate with her longer life expectancy.

It was important to keep this process easy, transparent and stress-free.

The first step was reviewing Jim and Laurie’s tax return to avoid any surprise tax bills.

By working together with Jim and Laurie’s professionals, the process began:

  • Gathered all company benefit information (401k, pension, healthcare, stock)
  • Summarized all Social Security Break-even ages along with tax ramifications of IRA withdrawals
  • Reviewed Retirement/Investment account beneficiaries and allocations
  • Determined appropriate sequence of specific account withdrawals to minimize tax burden

By seeing and understanding all of the options without a product pitch, we created a new level of confidence.  They were able to establish a spending plan that aligned with their desired lifestyle.

Objective, Fiduciary, tax-minded advice created peace of mind.

The pathways adopted by Jim and Laurie helped them in several ways:

  • They avoided taxation at incrementally higher tax brackets
  • Jim’s retirement savings were properly diversified to prevent catastrophic damage to their anticipated lifestyle
  • They slept well knowing they had a predictable income stream that they would not outlive

Now, Jim and Laurie are maximizing their days. They travel between their primary residence, mountain home and various European cruises while spending time with their grandchildren.

They have the peace of mind knowing that their financial plan and spending habits will outlast the certainty of uncertainty.

Jim and Laurie’s lifestyle plan is regularly reviewed and pivoted depending on the introduction of new tax laws or IRA changes.

Young Professionals

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