The Behavior Gap

Most “wealth management” firms put emphasis on old ideas. Many advisors still subscribe to the belief that their proprietary research and manager selection can outperform the market. Academic evidence suggests otherwise.

What You Pay For?

A recent piece in The Economist, “Will Invest For Food,” argues that the rise of index funds and ETFs are leading to the commoditization of investment management. Tracker funds, or index funds, will double their market share by 2020, the publication reports. Advisors, on the other hand, are safe.

Stop Making Bad Decisions

Any action that avoids having to incur costs in the future can provide meaningful lifetime balance sheet value.  Great Advice in tandem with life events can propel you at a faster pace than your peers.  Are you truly ready to upsize? Should you downsize heading into retirement? Did you understand how your realtors and mortgage brokers worked for YOU? 

Are you carefully considering the placement of  your assets so that it can maximize your generational wealth?

Do your tax professionals and legal team use creative planning to minimize the government’s share?

Accountability and Tough Love

(occasionally you need to be saved from yourself)

For families accumulating wealth or planning for retirement, success relies heavily on your patience and discipline.  Our coaching mentality keeps you on the path you hope to stay on. A real advisor doesn’t tell you what you want to hear or worry about selling you a product to make money from your emotions.  We are dedicated to walking you through every decision in a transparent, conflict free manner.

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