You don’t need another friend…

You need an advisor.

Would you pick your family doctor because they have a great golf swing or a wicked jumpshot? Of course not. And that’s not how to pick a fiduciary. 

At LifeManaged, we are focused on helping you keep more of what you earn and helping you make more. 

Let’s keep it SIMPLE

The philosophy is simple. Your life is complicated enough as it is without industry jargon and complex terminology. Too many investors have made bad decisions because they didn’t understand the language, options or consequences. We’re here to change that. 

At LifeManaged, we operate in a transparent environment. We believe the best decisions are made when both parties are speaking in clear, unambiguous terms. We speak your language. Plain English. 

How we thought of this

The financial service industry is built on rewarding product sales and investment management over good advice.This flies in the face of most advisors claims that they are “customer-centric.” It’s not their fault… they are equipped with an outdated model of investment management.

LifeManaged is different. We are the new mode. We help our clients focus on the greatest value to maximize their goals. That is the core of LifeManaged.


Commissions suck.

Commissions literally suck the life out of your valuable assets. For families accumulating wealth or planning for retirement, success relies heavily on your patience and discipline.  Our coaching helps you to mentally stay on the path you want to be on.

A real advisor doesn’t tell you what you want to hear or worry about selling you a product to make money from your emotions.

We are dedicated to walking you through every decision in a transparent, conflict free manner.

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