More money can bring on more problems.

You want to make sure you’re investing wisely for your family’s future.

You also want to ensure that your financial advisor has your best interests at heart, and that you’re always getting the best financial advice possible.

The truth is the right financial advisor can help you save money, invest wisely, and set in motion a financial future that will ensure your family’s comfort and security for years to come.

You could get that beautiful vacation home you’ve been dreaming about in Forest Highlands, but is that really what you should do?

Retirement. College. Future weddings. Legacy goals. Whatever the case may be, at Life Managed — our priorities are your priorities.

When you have a trusted financial advisor in your corner, you have a partner and a coach that will create and manage pathways for you to experience life on your terms.

Help me prioritize my goals to maximize my wealth accumulation plan. I have built a strong foundation, but I worry that I could be doing more.

How to stop procrastinating and start saving for the future

Handling Money With Your Spouse

How Smart Couples Are Taking Charge of their Financial Futures

Our Process

Your goals are our goals

Whether you want to pay off the mortgage, make sure the 401k will outlive you, or take that Viking River Cruise you’ve been dreaming about, we will create the necessary pathways for you to experience the rest of your life on your terms!

We offer comprehensive, customized financial planning & life management so you are empowered & encouraged to reach your goals in your timeframe.

Financial Independence Planning

Make work optional. We create a path for you to enjoy life on your terms and help you make the dream of financial independence a reality.

Spending Plan

We create tailor-made (and realistic) spending plans to meet your financial goals and objectives.

Financial Behavior Analysis

Values and Behavior Analysis

We help you build the life and legacy you want by ensuring your values are being supported by your behavior.

financial life event consulting

Life Event Consulting

Life happens. Parenthood, death, inheritances, starting a business, and buying a second home. We help you plan through it all.

asset allocation and tax planning

Asset Allocation and Tax Planning

Over 90% of your rate of return comes from the way your portfolio is structured.

financial risk management

Risk Management

Life is full of “what ifs.” We create comprehensive plans for life, disability, long-term care, and other solutions for your own peace of mind.

We Always...

identify financial needs


Where are you today, and where do you want to go?


Review your balance sheet, investments, and cash flow details.

financial audit


We help you build the life and legacy you want by ensuring your values are being supported by your behavior.

design custom financial plan


Custom tailored pathways to achieve your financial and life goals.

implement custom financial plan


Execute agreed upon opportunities to compound your money as part of your customized plan.


Provide transparent and flexible reporting to understand results and adjust the plan as life happens.


no commissions

Earn Commission from Anyone

We operate free of economic conflicts of interest because we only have one interest...YOU..

we don't sell anything

Sell You Anything

We don’t sell products. We give actionable advice for a reasonable fee, and then help you execute on it.

Charge for Research

We don’t forecast based on economic crystal balls. We research and recommend the best path forward so no one drops the ball.

Young Professionals

Help me lay the proper foundation to achieve my long-term goals

I’m a Young Professional that wants to know how I can take advantage of time to best start growing my wealth for the future.

Young Professionals. Help me set my family up for success with the right goals

Growing Families

Help me insure I am on the right path to secure our financial future and lifestyle

I’ve checked some basic boxes, but I am unsure if I could be doing more for my family.

financial advice for growing families

Financially Independent

Help me understand what more I can do with my wealth and taxes

I want to protect the wealth I’ve worked for while maximizing my current lifestyle and legacy goals. 

pre retirement wealth management advice