Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a typical client of LifeManaged?

Although our clients have all ages and backgrounds, we work only with people wanting to take the necessary steps to align their behavior with their values, to grow their wealth. Physicians, Attorneys, Sales Professionals, Business Owners, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Executives: All have one thing in common under our vision, they are taught to become Prodigious Accumulators of Wealth.  Call us today to find out where you stand compared to your peers and your earnings power. 

What is your minimum Account Size?

LifeManaged has no minimum relationship size but does require a minimum amount of discipline.  If you are interested in making the right amount of sacrifice along with proper planning, we can educate you to the path towards the top 1% of America.

How are you compensated?

Fees depend on the level of complexity and the scope of the project. All fees will be broken out individually and will be disclosed at the beginning of our relationship.  Our fees are highly competitive and our low overhead allows us to pass these savings on to you, thus allowing you to retain more money in your portfolio which maximizes the effect of compound interest.

Where will my assets be held and is my money safe?

LifeManaged uses Charles Schwab, a California based institution boasting more than $3 trillion in assets, to hold and safeguard your money.  Charles Schwab is a SIPC member and FDIC member.  The securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) works to restore an investors cash and securities when a brokerage firm fails. This is not to be confused with a declining investment value based on overall market conditions.  The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is a US Federal Agency that protects investors against the loss of their deposit accounts in the event of the failure of an FDIC insured bank.  Feel free to reach out to better understand this coverage and the amounts specific to you and your family or business.

What is your historical performance?

Each LifeManaged relationship has a different size, complexity and risk tolerance, which does not allow us to create a singular performance history report.  Furthermore, as a financial life management firm with a bias towards lower cost, passive investments and tax efficient returns, much of our value will be realized by the taxes and fees saved, not by the overall gross performance of an individual portfolio.

Necessary Questions. Answered.

What do you mean, LifeManaged?

We are not your ordinary advice driven investment firm. People make basic life decisions daily, that can positively or negatively impact our life goals. Every dollar we spend, every professional we hire, service we use, and every career move we make, has a price tag.  After interviewing hundreds of families over the last decade, financial independence has been the most common objective. If these daily life decisions can be controlled in a reasonable manner with your end goal in sight, then your life is being managed accordingly.  Are you making a living or making a dying?

How is your process different?

Efficient-market hypothesis is a theory in financial economics that states that asset prices fully reflect all available information.  This theory has been argued over time, but as access to information continues to propel the investment management business, less and less value is being created through unique asset allocation models and fund selection. LifeManaged has a commitment to providing value through advice and general life savings. As a consumer advocate, part of our job is to make you an educated buyer and spender, so that you always find the right value for your individual needs in your day to day life decisions.  With a focus on your core values and your life goals and objectives, we can implement a tax-efficient, low cost portfolio with one focus, to watch your wealth grow to achieve your life’s most ambitious goals.

How is LifeManaged different from traditional banks and well-known financial institutions?

Wealth Managers at LifeManaged are registered with Dynamic Wealth Advisors, an SEC registered investment Adviser.  We have taken a Fiduciary Oath, which, at its core, puts the clients interests first.  Brokers and bankers regulated by FINRA are held to a lower “suitability standard” and could be susceptible to major conflicts of interests, which is a key ingredient in the recipe for bad decision-making.  Public companies are focused on delivering shareholder value (making their stock price go up) as opposed to the first and primary objective of making your personal worth and value go up at LifeManaged.  The one and only way we are compensated is through a fee agreement when we deliver value and advice, rather than selling a product.

Why are conflicts of interest so important to understand?

A conflict of interest is a conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust.  If you are a client at a major Wall Street Bank/Brokerage Firm, you can be exposed to additional conflicts of interest.  You are a client because you are looking for advice from this trusted person, but what you receive may be something very different and can be damaging to your financial life.  These firms are in the business of selling products and producing a profit. Advice from their salespeople, also known as registered representatives, stockbrokers, or life insurance agents, is contingent to the sale of products they are promoting or helping you buy. Are you the right amount of skeptical when these salespeople deliver their solution to you?

“Why don’t I do this myself… save 1%, compounded over 30 years?”

A mentor of ours, Carl Richards from the Society of Real Financial Advisors, has beautifully illustrated one of the driving forces of our existence.  In 2016, the average equity mutual fund investor underperformed the S&P 500 Index by a margin of 4.7%! While the broad market benchmark made gains of 11.96%, the average equity investor earned only 7.26%. 

If you feel that you are an above average investor, an above average saver, and can continue to remain unemotional about your money over the long term, then you probably can successfully manage your life and investments on your own with the abundance of fintech made available to us on the internet. 

However… If you are unsure, for a modest fee we can keep you accountable and on the right tracklet’s get started!

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