A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, often combined with a lack of awareness of pending trouble or controversy.

Is it the slightest bit possible that you or your advisor have fallen prey to the idea of complacency?

We believe you owe it to yourself to put long-time relationships to the test by doing a good ole checkup.

Ask yourself the following questions and be honest.

  • Does your advisor truly have you and your family’s best interest at heart?
  • Are your investments keeping pace with the associated benchmark? Do you even get steady reports that are clear and transparent to you so that you can understand what your growth rate has been without new contributions?
  • Are you still on your original service agreement but perhaps have graduated to a newer level and your advisor hasn’t cut you a break?
  • Are you paying the right amount of fees for the value you receive?
  • Do you know if your advisor takes a fee? Or Commissions? Or Both?
  • If you do not know the exact answers to these questions, you are cheating yourself by not doing a complacency audit.
  • Contact us today to find out how this process works.

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